You were born to sparkle!
  • 201-Best Actress - OPTIONAL


    Have you ever wanted to be in commercials or in movies?

    Here’s your opportunity to try something new!  Each contestant competing in this optional will memorize a commercial provided by Sterling Miss. NO props will be allowed, so be sure to use your imagination!  


    When you step before the camera, the videographer will say “SLATE”.  At that point you say your name and age division—not your title. For instance:   Suzy Snowflake. Jr. Teen Miss.


    After that you will receive your cue of “Action”.  You will say your commercial. After you are done, the videographer will say “Cut” .  Then you will have a second chance to do your commercial. You can vary it up, in style, but you need to stick to the script. The judges will have a copy of all of the commercials.


    The commercials will be emailed to three different acting teachers/coaches who will review and score all the entries—your first and second run through of the commercial, just as a talent coach looks at talent tapes.   You may enter up to two different commercials.  Winners from each age division will be selected from those who participate in this optional.

     Any payments to Sterling Miss USA are non-refundable.